Soldiers Field
Soldiers Field Update #8
September 2023
Since we posted Update #7 in July, we have received additional questions from the community. Please see the following questions and answers below. 
If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to the Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation at We will do our best to include answers in our next update. 
John Weaver
PA Chautauqua Foundation
Soldiers Field Additional Questions
1.    I am wondering about the possibility of an artist's rendition of your vision for soldier's field. I expect it may help some (myself included) to envision the plans you have--not only for the proposed parking area, but also the trails and other potential enhancements (park landscaping, educational or historic markers, for instance). Is this something you might be considering?
·      We will not be commissioning a rendering of the parking area lot and pathways. 
2.    The area beside your proposed parking lot is the only two way in out to the neighborhood, in the event there’s an emergency, has your group done any work on an evacuation plan? The project adds a lot of potential pressure to a single exit. We have ambulances in the neighborhood on a weekly basis for our elderly residents. There is concern the additional pressure on one enter / exit will increase emergency response times.
·      We do not believe that the proposed project would add significant traffic pressure to Timber Road. Currently, first responders are able to provide emergency services in a timely manner. 
·      The largest event in Mount Gretna, the Art Show, has worked with emergency responders in the affected municipalities and have an emergency response plan that has been in effect for several years in connection with the Art Show. In the event of an emergency, we believe that first responders will have the ability to navigate traffic in a timely manner. 
3.    Will your group be offsetting the costs for upgrading the other bridge and street to support two-way passage around the lake, or will this kind of upgrading will only be the responsibility of the S Londonderry Township?
·      The bridge and road at the west end of the lake are privately owned and controlled. South Londonderry Township would not be responsible for any maintenance or improvements to those areas. As stated earlier, we do not believe the proposed project would add significant traffic pressure to the use of the road and bridge at the west end of the lake. 
4.    Has PennDOT commented on the need for a light at the intersection of Timber Road and 117, post parking lot? Adding significant traffic pressure from a 4th direction may necessitate a traffic signal at the intersection. 
·      We have not been contacted by PennDot. Our consultant, Harbor Engineering, has indicated the proposed uses of Soldiers Field will not necessitate a traffic signal at the intersection of Timber Road and Pa117.
5.    Some of your messaging calls this an overflow lot that will only be used for 3 months out of the year, other messaging says it’s year-round. Given the lot will be hidden by trees and not visible from 117, whom will be responsible for security issues? Will you be installing cameras? This week construction materials were stolen from my neighbor’s driveway. I believe we’re all concerned about the possibility of an attractive nuisance being created. 
·      We do not believe that the parking area at Soldiers Field will contribute to security concerns of the neighborhood. We will not be installing security cameras on the Field. Parking will be prohibited after dark from Labor Day until Memorial Day Weekend. 
6.    Can the group comment on why parking spaces could not simply be added at the shoulder of the Timber Road / valley road loop? Why do you feel the need for more development beside an unusually wide, seldom used residential street? The Timbers actually allows street parking.
·      The parking area on Soldiers Field is designed to provide year-round safe parking for visitors to Soldiers Field. This includes the restored Lake path, the Narrow-gauge Railroad trail, the ADA compliant walking trail as well as the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail. We believe that the location of the parking area on the Field will encourage the use of Soldiers Field and its amenities with safe parking. 
7.    Can you comment on the contractors being used for this project? Do they have any personal or familiar relations to members of your NPO?
·      To the best of our knowledge, none of the contractors or service providers to the Soldiers Field project have personal or family relationships to members of the boards of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua or the Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation. 
8.    Given you are running electricity to the area, are there plans for charging stations? 
·       We are not planning to provide electric charging stations at the parking area. 
9.    A neighbor recently asked if the Chautauqua Foundation is planning additional phases of parking once the proposed area is completed. 
·      No

Volunteer activities, public walks and programs are being discussed and planned.  Efforts to remove invasive species, plant trees and shrubs and other beneficial projects will commence in April and May of 2021.  Members of the Soldiers Field Volunteer Brigade will be notified of future activities.  To be added to the Brigade mailing list please contact us at
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Soldiers Field Meadow
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