Summer Program Religion
CANCELED Thursday, June 25, 2020    10:00 AM
Rabbi Sam Yolen will take us inside Beth Israel Synagogue in Lebanon and explain the significance of its interior. Meet at the synagogue on 411 S. Eighth St. 

CANCELED Friday, June 26, 2020    10:00 AM
"A Christian Historian's View of the Bible" with historian Jim Dibert. Examples from Lutheran, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and Baptist authors demonstrate that studying the Bible in its historical context enable the reader to acquire a clearer and deeper spiritual grasp of the Bible's message.  

ONLINE VIA ZOOM Thursday, July 02, 2020    10:00 AM
"Sacred Spaces". What do you see when you walk in to a church? Using visuals, Professor of Church History, Anne Thayer will challenge us to learn more about identifying what denomination a church is by its interior and its outside architecture.

CANCELED Sunday, July 05, 2020    10:00 AM
Worship Service. Rev. William F. Murphey, Retired, Episcopal Minister, Harrisburg, PA; The Susquehanna Chorale Quartet.

CANCELED Thursday, July 09, 2020    10:00 AM
"Is the Ark of the Covenant in Axum, Ethiopia?" We will explore the legendary tradition of the Queen of Sheba’s affair with King Solomon and the lineage leading to Haile Selassie with Herb Smith.  

CANCELED Sunday, July 12, 2020    10:00 AM
Worship Service. Rev. Richard Gardiner, Retired, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; William Kepner, Soloist, Lancaster, PA. 

CANCELED Sunday, July 19, 2020    10:00 AM
Worship Service. Rev. Meg Shoeman, Presbyterian Minister, Harrisburg, PA; Christyan Seay, Soloist, Harrisburg, PA; Tim Koch, Accompanist, Trinity Lutheran Church, Camp Hill, PA.

ONLINE VIA ZOOM Thursday, July 23, 2020    10:00 AM
“Via Dolorosa: A Specious Tradition” Investigation into of a body of evidence which pertains to the route of the Via Dolorosa or “Sorrowful Road” in old city Jerusalem.  The thesis aims to show that the popular route followed by pilgrims in Jerusalem is based on a misleading tradition.  Dr. William H. Stotler, biblical archeologist, proposes an alternate route based on more recent geographical, topological, archeological, and historical data.

CANCELED Sunday, July 26, 2020    10:00 AM
Worship Service. Dr. A Herbert Smith, Professor of Religious Studies, McPherson College, Kansas; Carolyn Burns, Pianist.

CANCELED Sunday, August 02, 2020    10:00 AM
Worship Service. Rev. Dr. D. Darrell Woomer, Retired, United Methodist Minister, Cornwall, PA; Carl Iba, Violinist, Harrisbug, PA. 

CANCELED Sunday, August 09, 2020    10:00 AM
Worship Service. Martha Harris, Seminarian, Lancaster Theological Seminary; Lana Walmer, Soloist, Market Square Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg, PA. 

ONLINE VIA ZOOM Thursday, August 20, 2020    10:00 AM "Old" Christianity for a New Age: Recovering the Faith of Jesus". Much of the beliefs and creeds of Christianity today come from Paul and not Jesus. By recovering the faith of Jesus can we discover a Christianity that goes beyond beliefs and doctrines? With Dr. Darrell Woomer.
CANCELED Sunday, August 23, 2020    10:00 AM
Community Worship Service. Rev. Dr. George G. Kinney, Retired, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Ann and Cris Dinsmore, Vocalists, Elizabethtown, PA; Salem Lutheran Church Choir, Lebanon, PA, Mark Dimick, Director.
CANCELED Sunday, August 30, 2020    10:00 AM
Worship Service. Rev. Fred Opalinski, Retired, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Joseph Sobel, Soloist, Salem United Church of Christ, Harrisburg, PA. 
CANCELED Sunday, September 6, 2020  10:00 AM
Worship Service. Rev. Derek Wadlington, Chaplain, Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA; The Eaken Group.