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Soldiers Field Update #2
September 2022
I would first like to again thank everyone who graciously supported the purchase of Soldiers Field. Our combined efforts have resulted in the preservation of a very important part of Mt. Gretna history. This property will provide future generations with acres of open space and serene wooded walking paths. 
In my last update I detailed our plans for the stormwater management project on the northeast portion of the property. This work has been completed and the retention area is serving to keep excess stormwater off the central portion of the field. We have submitted all of the necessary paperwork for our reimbursement of $10,025 from the Marcellus Shale funds through Lebanon County. 
Since our last update I am proud to announce that we have been awarded a grant of $300,000 from The Conservation Fund (TCF) which would provide funding for the acquisition and preservation of Soldiers Field. We are in the process of finalizing the paperwork for this grant. 
We are also in the process of submitting a grant request to the Lebanon County Commissioners for a $200,000 grant from the American Rescue Plan Act funds received by Lebanon County. 
As I noted in the last update, the next project on the drawing board will be to connect Soldiers Field to Mt. Gretna proper with an ADA-compliant walking path and bridge over the Conewago Creek. The project will include approximately 75 parking spaces created using environmentally friendly materials which will allow absorption of water and grass to grow. The project will also have rain gardens for stormwater infiltration.
This project was presented to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for its approval. The DEP has issued a permit for the bridge. We are in the process of reviewing the 2019 plan that we developed and will be obtaining revised estimates for project. We will next seek approval from South Londonderry Township for the path and bridge when we submit a land development plan for its review and approval in the future. 
Our goal is to provide periodic email updates to you but if you have any questions or concerns, I invite you to please reach out to us at
John Weaver
PA Chautauqua Foundation
In order to provide a means for tax-deductible contributions towards the continuation of the heritage and ideals of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua, the Pennsylvania Chautauqua Board of Managers established the Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation in 2002.
Our Mission
 The Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation is formed to support the Pennsylvania Chautauqua and shall be operated as the charitable arm of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua to:
  1. Support the Mission of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua.
  2. Provide the financial vehicle to seek and invest funds to support the Pennsylvania Chautauqua and its activities, which are built upon the four pillars as in the logo of the traditional Chautauqua: religion, education, recreation and the arts.
  3. Protect and preserve the historic nature of the community and its buildings.
  4. Conserve and maintain the lands that provide for open space protection and public recreation in support of the educational objectives of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua. 
John Weaver, Chairman
John Feather, Vice Chairman
Susan Hostetter, Secretary
Angela Shea, Treasurer
Jack Anderson
Allan Feldman
Josh Haines
Bob Harding
Judy Hlafscak
Mary Ellen Kiehne
Greg Miller
John Spychalski
David Weaver
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