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The Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation
Pennsylvania Chautauqua Pole Banner
This decorative double-sided pole banner makes a nice addition to any cottage.
Finished size 23.75” x 51" with double pockets.
$110 includes tax.
PA Chautauqua
In order to provide a means for tax-deductible contributions towards the continuation of the heritage and ideals of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua, the Pennsylvania Chautauqua Board of Managers established the Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation. The Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation Mission Statement The Chautauqua Foundation is formed to support the Pennsylvania Chautauqua and shall be operated as the charitable arm of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua to:
  1. Support the Mission of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua.
  2. Provide the financial vehicle to seek and invest funds to support the Pennsylvania Chautauqua and its activities, which are built upon the four pillars as in the logo of the traditional Chautauqua: religion, education, recreation and the arts.
  3. Protect and preserve the historic nature of the community and its buildings.
  4. Conserve lands that provide for open space protection and public recreation in support of the educational objectives of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua. 
John Weaver, Chairman
John Feather, Vice Chairman
Susan Hostetter, Secretary
Angela Shea, Treasurer
Jack Anderson
Lynne Davies
Bob Epperson
Allan Feldman
Judy Hlafscak
Don Kensinger
Greg Miller
Jay Nassar
Bob Moritz
Mike Sherman
David Weaver
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