Summer Programs
The popular Summer Programs series in the Chautauqua supports the mission of the Chautauqua and is organized under the four pillars of the Chautauqua movement:
  • Arts/Culture
  • Recreation 
  • Religion 
  • Education.
Most of the programs are held in the Hall of Philosophy.
The Summer Programs Committee, which plans the series, is part of the PA Chautauqua Board of Managers. 
  • The 8 Dimensions of Health, Fridays: June 14, 26, July 17, 24, 31, August 14, 21, 28 (*SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW AND CLICK HERE FOR CHART)  (not recorded due to speaker preference)
  • TED Circle based on TED talks: Friday, July 10 (page 1)
  • Confronting the Holocaust, Thursday, July 16 (page 1) CLICK HERE FOR THE RECORDING
  • Mount Gretna School of Art and Art Education lectures (page 5 & 6)
  • Gloria Mast Art Lectures
  • Great American Poets (Dickinson, Frost) (page 6) (not recorded due to speaker preference)
  • Lebanon Valley College Tuesday Book Reviews (page 9) 
  • Eton Churchhill Play Readings: Friday, August 28th @7PM. Click HERE to view the advertisement and Click HERE to view the program
  • Sacred Spaces: Thursday, July 2 (page 11) (not recorded due to speaker preference)
  • Via Dolorosa: A Specious Tradition: Thursday, July 23 (page 11) RECORDING
  • “Old" Christianity for a New Age: Recovering the Faith of Jesus, Thursday, August 20 (page 11) RECORDING PASSWORD =  AHC.j11D 
  • Toys With Pennsylvania Roots, Friday, August 21 (page 8) RECORDING PASSWORD =  r145R12% 
  • Yoga with Stephanie Bost, Wednesdays from June 10-Sept. 9 (p 14)
The 8 Dimensions of Health (as identified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
Lecture Series presented by Janice Balmer
Health and wellness are vast topics, including popular factors like physical status and nutrition.  But there are other facets that help determine a person’s overall health.  As identified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (, health encompasses eight dimensions, in addition to physical: emotional; spiritual; intellectual; environmental; financial; occupational; and social.  Janice Balmer, MHS, and local Mt. Gretna health consultant and trainer, will lead an interactive presentation on the 8 Dimensions as part of the PA Chautauqua’s 2020 Summer Series.  Utilizing the on-line Zoom platform, weekly Janice will introduce a Dimension.  Attendees will learn specifics, including relevant examples of how that Dimension can affect overall health.  Recent research will be incorporated into the presentations.  Attendees will gain an understanding of what role a Dimension might be playing in her/his life, and ways to maximize a Dimension’s affects.  We will also consider the Dimensions through lenses like age; locality; and even world events (like a pandemic).  Items that may be discussed include how healthcare costs affect treatment decisions; how being “awe-inspired” lowers the body’s levels of inflammatory markers; how environment affects children’s weight; and the most important Dimension as we age.
The first session will include a brief overview of maneuvering/asking questions via Zoom, followed by an introduction to all the Dimensions.  We will then focus on the Physical Dimension.  Tentatively, the schedule includes:
June 12                   Introduction to all 8 Dimensions and Physical Dimension
June 26                   Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions
July 17                    Environmental Dimension
July 24                    Intellectual Dimension
July 31                    Financial Dimension
August 14               Occupational Dimension
August 21               Social Dimension
August 28               Follow-up Discussion and Summary
While attendees are not required to attend all sessions, the topics are inter-related.  Each session will begin at 10am via Zoom.  To register for the FREE lecture series, and to receive Zoom link information, please contact Morgan Smith at
Stewart Society

A Stewart Society membership of $50 allows members to attend all summer programs. Non-members are asked to donate each time they attend a program to help with the costs associated with speaker fees.  
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