Summer Program Music
Thursday, June 20
7:00 pm    “My Life in ‘The President’s Own’ United States Marine Band,” presented by Mt. Gretna resident James Erdman. Jim had a distinguished career as a USMC musician in “The President’s Own,” founded by John Philip Sousa. Jim will talk about life as a musician for the White House, on concert tours, and the many famous people he encountered.  HP/CHP

Thursday, July 11
7:00 pm    “Theme and Variation:  Musical Notes by a Neurologist.”  Author Dr. Carl Ellenberger addresses why we like certain kinds of music and why playing and listening can exercise the brain at all ages.  Music can enable us to engage the full spectrum of human understanding necessary for individuals and societies to achieve their fullest human potential.  HP/CHP

Thursday, July 25
7:00 pm    “Classical Asian Indian Music.”  John Protopapas, Professor of World Music at York College, has studied Asian Indian music for over two decades and will demonstrate several prominent Indian musical instruments, and speak about the historical, structural and spiritual roots of Indian classical music.  HP/CHP