Summer Program Art Lectures
Wednesday, June 26  
10:00 am MGSoA Lecture: “The Segue Between Observation and Intuition.”  Barbara Grossman.  HP/CHP
Monday, July 1
7:15 pm MGSoA Lecture: “Observation Memory and Invention.”  Michael Allen.HP/CHP
Wednesday, July 3     
10:00 am         MGSoA Lecture: “The Unexpected Knock”.  Brian Rego.  HP/CHP
Wednesday, July 10   
10:00 am         MGSoA Lecture: “Figures in the Landscape: Color and the Human Form”. Catherine Lepp.  HP/CHP          
Monday, July 15
7:15 pm           MGSoA Lecture: “Josephine Halvorson: On the Ground”.  Josephine Halvorson.  HC/CHP
Wednesday, July 17   
10:00 am         MGSoA Lecture: “Ken Kewley: Stills & Animations”.  Ken Kewley. HP/CHP
Monday, July 22
7:15 pm           MGSoA Lecture: “Making Sense of Things”.  Erin Raedeke. Heights Community Center. HC/CHP
Wednesday, July 24   
10:00 am         MGSoA Lecture: “The Painter as Alchemist”. Thaddeus Radell.  HP/CHP
Monday, July 29
7:15 pm           MGSoA Lecture: “Translating Light into Color”.   Bill White. HP/CHP
Wednesday, July 31   
10:00 am         MGSoA Lecture:  “Into the Garden.”  Kimberly Trowbridge.  HP/CHP     
Monday, August 5     
7:15 pm           MGSoA Lecture: “Leaf and Line: The Reasons for Painting an Imaginary Paradise”.  Bill Scott. (Heights Community Building) HC/CHP
Wednesday, August 7
10:00 am         “From the Schuylkill to the Hudson - Landscapes of the Early American Republic.” A look into Philadelphia’s contribution to America’s landscape tradition at PAFA.  Gloria Mast, speaker.  HP/CHP
Wednesday, August 14         
10:00 am         “The Ancient Near East Nearby.”  A look at the reinstallation of the Ancient Near East collection at the Penn Museum.  We will also look at the career of Leonard Woolley and one of his mysterious guests.  Gloria Mast, speaker.  HP/CHP                    
Wednesday, August 21         
10:00 am         “ ‘The Ten’ and Lancaster’s Wolf Museum of Art and Music.”  A look at this hidden gem in Lancaster City and its connection to a group of women artists known as “The Ten.”  Gloria Mast, speaker.  HP/CHP